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We are located in historic Ringgold Georgia just south of Chattanooga Tennessee. We offer paint parties and farmhouse gifts and specialize in painted wooden door hangers.

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All types of wooden door hangers to paint

Basic Shapes $20

Monograms $30

Birthday Parties & Kits

Local Reviews

Had so much fun and I love what I made! I expected to be sitting and listening to instructions but instead everyone is painting something different and you can kinda do your own thing at your own pace. It is pretty self-explanatory, she even stencils out places for you to know where things like flowers go. You can be as creative as you like or they will give you suggestions and answer any questions you have. It was fun to be able to chit chat and just look around and see everyone doing something different. I love that you make everything on your piece, including the bow and wire hanger! Will definitely go back!

-Ashley Musikar

My daughter and I just LOVE painting at Alydots! Alyson is so sweet, creative, and helpful. Her shop has all sorts of rustic chic items for your home and even shirts, scarves, and hats. Her painting area is decorated with all sorts of items for inspiration and is clean and well organized. She is so helpful is steering you in the right direction so your creation turns out the very best. Alydots is the best place around to paint! She even does private parties! I hosted my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party there this past Spring.

-Jessica Poe Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer drop in and paint hours?

No, all painting is done through open classes or private parties.

Where do I find the pieces available to paint?

Select from our $20 Basic Shapes or our $30 Monogram Designs and include in on your request form or phone call when you schedule.

Can we share/work on a piece together?

No, we have very limited seating and seats will only be available to those painting.

Can my child come?

We have found that our classes work best for children ages 10 and up. Classes take between two and three hours so a child would need to be able to sit and paint for that amount of time.

Do you sell your blank pieces to paint at home?

Yes, the items that are $20 in classes are $16 blank. The items that are $30 are $26 blank.

Can I paint two items in a class?

Classes are three hours long so as long as you feel that you would be able to do two in that amount of time, then yes!

Do you offer Gift certificates?


How long are the classes?

Classes take about 2 – 3 hours. We will start shortly after 6:00 PM so please arrive a few minutes early to get checked in and get a seat.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, however there is a $1 fee per item. Help us keep prices low by using cash or check.

Can we bring food/drinks/wine?

Yes, but it will need to be kept on your table. We do not have extra space to put it.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes, depending on the item requested and availability.

Where can we buy your gifts and decor?

We have a few items in our Ringgold store, but it is mostly used for painting. We have two booths in the Chattanooga area. They are located at Vinterest Southside and Chattanooga Mercantile.


7767 Nashville Street
Ringgold, GA 30736

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